Latest news and seasonal offers from Proto Restaurant Group

Welcome to Delish! Worthings ultimate cosmetic store!

Delish is a handmade cosmetics store  – similar to Lush shops – but much better. And what’s more, it’s in Worthing! Delish make everything in the shop themselves and its a bit like a pick n’ mix where you can go in and pour your own shower gel and body creams into the bottle. You
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New dishes coming soon to Food

The following new dishes will be launched in three weeks, so look out for the first sneak preview Monkfish Gnocchi: Fresh gnocchi made from our own recipe mixed with exquisite medallions of monkfish, fleshed sealed with brandy and cream sauce. Spatchcock Poussin: Succulent small chicken part-boned, marinated in fresh herbs and barbecued served with spinach
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