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The Fish Factory sponsors Carnival Queen

The Fish Factory is proud to announce that they are sponsoring the Littlehampton ”Carnival Queen’ contest again this year. The event will be held on Sunday 20th March at The Fish Factory in Littlehampton – part of the Proto Restaurant Group which also brought you Food restaurant in Worthing. The Fish Factory has made a donation to the event as they feel that the young girls entering the competition are good role models and have good education and values. The Fish Factory admires their courage to walk away from the crowds and follow the right people in society.

We thought it would be interesting to ask some questions to the event organiser, Freda Hughes in order to get a better idea of what the competition involves, and how it benefits those that enter.

Who was last years winner, and why did they win? How did they stand out?

Isabella Camburn won last years competition and stood out to the judges as she came across as a very confident girl, which the Judges deemed an important factor – especially when knowing that the prospective Carnival Queen would be presented to all members of the local Community and general Public, and would be able to engage in a variety of events throughout the year.

What did Isabella get for winning?

Isabella also won prize money of £500, Day wear and a Ball gown.

What has Isabella been up to since winning Littlehampton’s Carnival Queen 2010?
Since winning the Competition, Isabella has attended a variety of events, including our main event – the Littlehampton Carnival, other local carnivals, and Bonfire Night, Wheels Day, The Town Show, Winter Wonderland,  Armed Forces Day & Remembrance Sunday.  Isabella also attended Harbour Park, where she looked after under privileged and disabled children.

Isabella Camburn - Littlehampton Carnival Queen 2010
Isabella Camburn - Littlehampton Carnival Queen 2010

What are the judges looking for in this years potential Carnival Queens?

The Judges are looking for a confident girl, who can adapt to all situations, a “people person” who is not afraid to talk and integrate with members of the general Public, Local dignitaries, councillors etc. They will also be looking for someone who is smartly dressed, has an enthusiasm for Littlehampton, and has a vivacious personality.

Have you had any entries yet?

The Carnival Competition was launched last week, and we have had 1 entry so far, interestingly from a former Junior Carnival Queen, who is entering again as she enjoyed her year with us, over 2 years ago.  We have had many enquiries, and hope that, like all other previous years, we will be looking at aprox 10-20 entries.

When and where will the event be held?

The Date for the Contest is March 20th 2011 and will be held at The Fish Factory. All entrants need to send a photo into the Littlehampton Gazette, and then they will be contacted in due course buy our Carnival Queen Coordinator – Bobby Hall, to discuss the time to meet on the 20th, and a general discussion about what is involved.


If you would like information about the Littlehampton Carnival Queen Contest call Mrs Freda Hughes who is the President of the Littlehampton Carnival and her number is 01903 716634. Alternatively you can email Freda at

We look forward to meeting all the entrants at the competition. Good luck!

If you wish to visit The Fish Factory contact us on 01903 207123 for Worthing and 01903 715000 for Littlehampton. Or why not visit Food, Proto Restaurant Groups other restaurant in Worthing, call us on 01903 227780 to book a table.