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Andy Sparsis rides London to Brighton

On Sunday 19th June, Proto Restaurant Group owner, Andy Sparsis took part in the annual London to Brighton bike ride and completed the ride in under 5 hours. The London to Brighton bike ride is a fund raising event for The British Heart Foundation (BHF) and is 54 miles long from Clapham Common to Brighton Beach and has been running with the BHF’s involvement since 1980, raising over £40 million via a combined 650,000 + riders and their sponsors.

All 27,000 participants, whether taking part as a serious cyclist or a novelty entry set out to achieve the common goal of helping raise £4 million towards the BHF’s continued work.

Andy Sparsis, Warren Bagnall and David Camci.
Andy Sparsis, Warren Bagnall and David Camci.

Andy Sparsis entered the ride as part of a team of 5 including Executive Chef from The Fish Factory, Stuart Slevin and team members David Camci, Warren Bagnall and Daryl James.

Everyone at Proto Restaurant Group is extremely proud of the team and the group’s representatives within. It is just another example of the work Andy does for charity and the community having only just launched the Cath Lab Appeal for the ‘Love Your Hospitals’ charity.

To hear all about the bike ride, come in and see Andy and Stuart at The Fish Factory, Worthing by calling us on 01903 207123 to book a table, or visit either of the other two restaurants  where Andy Sparsis is always likely to be by calling us on 01903 227780 (Food) or 01903 715000 (The Fish Factory, Littlehampton).