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Apprentice Graduation @ FOOD

Apprenticeships have floated in and out of our country over the years. But back in 1994 the government open the doors of Britain to a new apprenticeship scheme. This new scheme has remained part of the educational system and has become a successful career option. Proto Restaurant Group have always encouraged apprenticeships right from the word go…..

It’s now the year of 2015 and Proto are still taking on new apprentices to join their family. There really is no better way than an apprenticeship to learn industry. We as employers value our apprentices as they have played an active part in the success of our business. On the 8th October Proto Restaurant Group had an Apprentice Graduation Ceremony at Food Restaurant. This was an afternoon to acknowledge our staff apprentices achievements. HIT Training presented certificates to employees of Proto for their successful completion in their professional qualification. The 10 apprentices have been working with Proto Restaurant Group for the past 18 months at Food Restaurant and The Fish Factory. Today Britain is pleased to have 851,500 apprentices currently out in the work place. This has been achieved by the successful new apprenticeship programs now available. When you start to plan your career many thoughts flood your mind and at times, it can feel very overwhelming.

Apprenticeships are the best and fast way to progress and learn new skills within your interested industry. Think of it as the first step of a journey. All journeys have to start somewhere and companies all over the country realise this. This is why Proto Restaurant Group have always kept more than one iron in the fire. “So to Speak” Andy Sparsis founder of Proto has said “I’m a great supporter of work-based learning and I’m keen to ensure that our staff receive the training they deserve to help make a difference both on a business and a personal level.”

“The Proto Restaurant Group has grown considerably over the last decade and we’re proud that we are still working with many of our original team.  Retaining staff is essential to business success – our secret is to invest in the team and help them realise their potential. “We’re lucky to have such a great team – I’m very proud and pleased for them all,” he added

We are very thankful to HIT Training who have provide  the very best training and support for  our ten apprentices. Each apprentice  received a personalised scroll of achievement. These were; Zsuzanna Polyak, Mantas Zilinskas, Balint Beledi, Mourad Bouchlagem, Piotr Pianka, Anita Lowika, Istvan Kundi, brothers Glenn and Paul Slark, and Rasa Rakstaitiene.

Well our apprentices very much enjoyed the graduation ceremony at Food and so did we. It was great to celebrate these achievements with our Proto family. We shake you warmly by the hand and we are glad to be working with you all. You all make Proto Restaurant Group number one.