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Beach Cleaners Treated to FREE Surprise…

On Saturday 19th September the citizens of Worthing all clubbed together to give Worthing beach a spring clean. While The Fish Factory team were preparing a fresh huss & cuttlefish paella, volunteers from all ages set off to work. It was good to see people of a caring community active to keep our beach clean and tidy. Many people walk along Worthing seafront every day without the knowledge of all sorts of litter that ends up on our beach. The Marine Conservation Society formed these events to keep our beach tidy and to maintain sustainable fishing. Worthing’s Beach Clean was organised by Barbara Shaw of Transition Town Worthing. These events have been running for the past 6 years in Worthing and have been always supported by the community, including  Proto Restaurant Group. On the day Andy Sparsis from Proto cooked and supplied a FREE paella to all the volunteers of the beach clean.


After a very successful morning each volunteer tucked into a bowl of free huss and cuttlefish paella provided by Proto Restaurant Group. The Fish Factory team cooked up a real storm with fish freshly caught off Worthing beach. Proto Restaurant Group are fully behind these events each year and we love to give away a FREE paella to show our support. Andy Sparsis,  founder of Proto said “It is always great to do these events and see people of all ages engage with the sea.”


Across our country we have many beautiful beaches and these events really help to keep them that way. Barbara Shaw spoke with a member of Proto and said “It went really well and we had a very good turnout.” Every year on the third weekend of September people from all walks of life join the big beach clean across the British coastline. This movement started off quite  small, but now it has grown each year as more people have shown an active interest in keeping their beaches tidy.

The Marine Conservation Society is a campaigning organisation that campaigns for clean beaches but also sustainable fishing. Barbra Shaw also told Proto “We also work alongside wildlife trusts and the environment where the fish stock and the wildlife can recover.” It’s great to be part in an event that has an active part in bringing life back to our seashores. Well the day was a huge success and our seafront is now all spic and span. Everyone enjoyed putting their seafront back to the way nature intended. The next time you are walking along the beach enjoying the beautiful views, why not pick up the litter as you can do your bit to keep the beach tidy.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who took part in the beach clean. You all did your local community/country proud!