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Free Portland Road Festival is a success…

Joy and excitement was on the menu on Saturday 5 December when Worthing gathered for the FREE Portland Road festival. Our town has many fine restaurants, bars and other businesses that are worth celebrating. This is why Proto Restaurant Group proudly sponsored the FREE Portland Road festival for Small Business Saturday.


The event from start to finish was spectacular and we were glad to be able to share these special moments with you and our neighbouring businesses. As soon as the DJ got his hands on the mixer no one could stop moving to the catchy classics he played.  The Fat Greek Taverna also provided the perfect Christmas treat for passers-by such as chestnuts roasting on an open fire, mulled wine and mince pies.  The scene was delightful and the only thing we were missing was snow!

2775c021-2fd3-4f46-8eaa-4e9b06649634Later on in the day! The RSOPA dance school showed up and gave Worthing a very special performance for our FREE Christmas festival. As crowds came together, the dance act kept everybody spellbound and wanting more. After a very gracious exit, Micky Mouse and friends turned up and began a children’s parade. As the music played children flocked to the roadside to meet their favourite Disney characters, and not to mention their favourite Christmas visitor Santa of course!  As the afternoon continued, more and more great acts went under the spotlight and we had an exceptional performance from Southside band. This fine group certainly made their presence known with their superb musical talents.


As the evening began, more acts just kept on coming. Chris Sparsis from Brighton had some amazing tunes in store for us, which were seriously impressive. While this was all going on Love Your Hospital charity kept us warm with a glass of mulled wine and a tray of mince pies. What a Christmas gift! When the time had come for the festival to draw to a close Christelle Music stepped up to perform and delivered an amazing finale. As her beautiful vocals swept through the town people gathered to witness the perfect ending to a sensational FREE festival for our town. 


We would like to thank of all of our neighbouring businesses for standing with us for this successful first FREE Portland Road festival. We would also like to thank all the singers and dance acts for coming to the FREE festival. You have all shown us that Worthing has talent! Finally, we would like to thank Worthing Town Centre Initiative for all their support in making this event happen. THANK YOU!  We are already planning next year…

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