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Meet Tom McCarthy - Proto's Resident Building Contractor
Meet Tom McCarthy - Proto's Resident Building Contractor

Meet Tom McCarthy – Proto Restaurant Group‘s resident building contractor. Tom has been our resident building contractor for many years now and he always finds the time for all work that needs to be done.  He hand-built the bar in The Fish Factory in Littlehampton.

When Tom has some rare time off, he loves to study history. He is particularly interested in Medieval history and geographically, England, Ireland, Scotland and France are the most interesting countries because it is interesting how they all interact with one another. We asked Tom what his favourite piece of history was, and he said: “My favourite King was Richard III, he was a good man but the tudors gave him a lot of bad press. He was a family man and he brought in many good laws including making it illegal to lock a man up without a good reason. Richard III was also the last king to be killed in battle.” We think that Tom has a naturally ability to explain history really well, and we asked him if he had ever thought of becoming a history teacher. Tom confided that he would of loved to have studied to be a history teacher, but he had a wife and family to support so studying was not an option.

Tom is also a keen supporter of Portmouth Football Club and he also likes to woodturn in his spare time. He makes lots of gifts for his family. Lucky family we say!

Why not come down to The Fish Factory in Littlehampton and Worthing, and Food in Worthing, where you can see Tom’s handy-work for yourself. If you like what you see in our restaurants, let us know and we can pass his details onto you.  Tom is currently in the pipeline of launching his website and we will keep you posted on this.