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On Tuesday 10  November Proto Restaurant Group arranged for our staff to undertake health and safety training. This took place at Food Restaurant and we teamed up with HIT Training who provided this. The work place can be a dangerous place for any employee in the catering industry. In the past year 611,000 employees injured themselves within their workplace. Most of these incidents happen due to a poor awareness of health and safety.


Proto Restaurant Group have always taken staff training very seriously. This is to ensure that our staff work safely and develop into a methodical way of working.  It is very important for any catering business to have a safe working environment for their employees and customers. We are very proud to have built up a successful restaurant group that stands out amongst the crowd. This is because we invest a lot of time in training our staff and as a result of this our restaurants will remain the top places to eat in West Sussex for years to come.

Investing and training of staff is essential for a strong, healthy and happy team of staff. Staff motivation is essential to making our business stand out, especially in times of economic downturn.  Our staff are integral in helping Proto Restaurant Group to achieve its unique, outstanding dining experience. We are committed to staff development and to setting high standards for others to follow and this proves that it pays off.

HIT-logo-SquareWe would like to say a massive THANK YOU to HIT Training for the training you have given our staff. You have truly helped us to make our staff the very best in the hospitality industry.  As well as health & safety training, our staff undertake first aid training, food hygiene & safety training, fire training, gluten free/allergy/awareness training, manual handling training, as well as English language courses.

We would also like to thank all of our staff who have always been willing to learn and develop into the perfect Proto team members. Well done! Keep up the good work. We are very proud!