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Meet the team – Robert Stubbs

It’s that time again to meet a member of the Proto Restaurant Group team and this week we have interviewed Robert Stubbs, a chef at Food restaurant to find out what his likes/dislikes are.

Robert Stubbs - Chef at Food Restaurant
Robert Stubbs - Chef at Food Restaurant

How long have you worked at Food restaurant?

Since April this year, so just over the 6 month mark now!

So what did you do before working for Proto Restaurant Group then?

I worked at a local hotel for a few months and I was also studying at Northbrook College doing catering and hospitality.

How are you finding your role as chef at Food?

So far my time at Food has been very enjoyable and challenging and a great experience in order for me to further my career.

What is the best part of your job so far?

The best part is how much I am learning and being able to build up my knowledge of cooking good food and being part of a team and I am very priviliged to be the youngest chef in the kitchen…..well so I have been told!

How did you come to work at Food restaurant?

I competed in a local cooking competition run by The Rotary Club where I reached the district final.  Andy Sparsis, owner of Proto Restaurant Group, judged the competition and offered me the fantastic opportunity to work at Food.

What is your recommended dish for us then?

Ooh well, I enjoy cooking all the dishes but the dish which pushes the limit of your taste buds has to be The Admirals Luncheon so this has to be my recommended dish.  It has a piece of everything on one plate which offers a great choice!

What are your interests other than cooking?

The usual recreational activities really.  I have always enjoyed sports from a young age and I have a black belt in kick boxing which has been one of my greatest achievements.  I also enjoy going to the gym and fishing.

So, there you have it that’s Robert Stubbs, chef at Food restaurant in Worthing.  So why not pop in and meet the whole team?  Call 01903 227780 to book a table at Food, or 01903 207123 for The Fish Factory Worthing or 01903 715000 for The Fish Factory Littlehampton.