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Meet the Team – Stuart Slevin

So it’s been a year since we interviewed Stuart Slevin, the Executive Chef at The Fish Factory, so we thought we would speak to him again to see how his year in the job has been!

Stuart Slevin
Stuart Slevin

How are you finding the role of Executive Chef at The Fish Factory?

It’s brilliant. Obviously there are added pressures being the Executive Chef but im getting to do lots of other things like Health & Safety and Food Hygiene checks which is really good. The NVQ in Management that I completed before we spoke last year has come in really handy and I now have lots of lovely spreadsheets and training documents everywhere, which is nice because it’s what I’m interested in anyway!

Has anything changed in your role during the year?

I’ve basically just gained more and more responsibility as the year has gone on really. I’m now the Premises Alcohol License Holder which means that any sales of alcohol are my responsibility so it’s important I ensure everybody is following the appropriate age laws which to be fair, everybody here is excellent at doing.

The management side of things has really taken a prominent role as well, im doing a lot more consulting with the restaurant managers and other chefs which is also nice.

What does 2012 have in store for the menus?

Well, we are updating the spoil menu for the new year, including bringing back the Bouillabaisse after so many requests! Since we last spoke as well, we have introduced Sunday Roasts at The Fish Factory, offering a choice of either Beef or Pork and we are now selling 30/40 of them each Sunday which is great! Who knows, we might add Lamb to the list too, but for the time being we’ll definately stay clear of Turkey, let everyone recover from Christmas first!

Enough about work then, what do you get up to outside of work?

I love to cycle! This year me and Proto owner Andy Sparsis completed the London to Brighton bike race which was brilliant! It was my 18th time completing the course but my first for 5 years so I really enjoyed getting back into it. As part of that, we initiated a cycle to work scheme for Proto Restaurant Group and now numerous members of staff at Proto cycle into work everyday which is just fantastic!

So, the Olympic year has arrived, being a keen cyclist are you excited?

To be honest, im still quite upset about the ticketing for the event! It’s disappointing that so many people couldn’t get hold of tickets for such a once-in-a-lifetime event in this country, I just feel like we’ve all been scammed!

That said though, obviously not everyone that comes over for the games will be staying in London, so hopefully with our excellent position on the coast with good transport links to London, plenty of people will come and stay in Worthing and Littlehampton and bring us lots more business. It can only be good for businesses in our area.

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So there you have it, that’s Stuart Slevin, Executive Chef at The Fish Factory. Why not come in and meet the whole team? Call us at The Fish Factory Littlehampton on 01903 715000 or at Worthing on 01903 207123 to book a table or come and see us at Food in Worthing, call us on 01903 227780 to book a table.