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Our Chips are King!

Our Chips are King
Our Chips are King

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any better, we’ve made yet another improvement to our fantastic Fish Factory menu.

We have recently introduced our King Handcut Chips as we want to treat our customers like royalty. Below is the process from selection to perfection:

(1) First of all we select the finest King Edward potatoes;

(2) Only once the potatoes have passed our strict quality control test, do they get promoted to the peeling station;

(3) Then the potatoes are delicately peeled, ensuring that all the vitamins (next the skin) are retained, which makes them more healthy;

(4) Once they are checked again, they are given the chop – in our rustic chunky style, fit for a King;

(5) The King chips are then deep-fried in the freshest fine groundnut oil for ultimate crispyness;

(6) Then, once they are given the taste test, they are plated for you to enjoy. YUM!

Some interesting facts about the British chip!

• Did you know that a portion of chips contains less fat than a prawn mayonnaise sandwich?

• A portion of chips counts towards one of you your 5-a-day! It contains a third of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C.

You can find out more interesting chip facts at: