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Worthing's Got Talent! (very Greek, but it's pure talent!)


Owner and founder of Proto Restaurant Group has been brought back to his routes. Andrew Sparsis is a Cypriot and very proud of it too. Andrew was hooked into Britain’s Got Talent from the off – especially to see a fellow Cypriot on the box.

No one dared to disturb Andrew during Britain’s Got Talent on Tuesday night, Mr Sparsis watched intensively with Greek flags on his shoulders, plus all the family up late on a school night,  in true Eurovision tack style – but very Greek. To the family’s delight, the boys went straight through to Saturdays final.

Mr Sparsis imminently met with the Manager of The Fish Factory, Worthing and they hatched a plan to support their new heroes. To celebrate the final on Saturday, the restaurant was blitzed with Greek flags and bunting and staff dressed up in Greek clothing, play Greek music annoyingly loud and give free champagne to all customers.

Mr Sparsis defended his over the top support for the father and son due he has never met before: “All Cypriots in the world are so alike, if I met him he would be like family as many of his life experiences and cultural choices would be remarkably similar.

He went on to explain the deeper meaning of what this fantastic father and son due meant to Britain. “I am proud on two levels as a Cypriot and as a British citizen. We really need to embrace this sort of entertainment at this current time. All we are served with our breakfast from the media is about greedy politicians, credit crunch, job losses and all that is depressing. What we all needed was a bit of Cyprus sun to brighten up our outlook. The Cypriot way of life strongly promotes family above all. Materialism matters not to Cypriots as long as they can afford to excessively barbecue on a Sunday. Life is for living and enjoying with your family and these two heroes show it in Cypriot bucket loads of hallomi cheese.

I am proud to have be in Britain for some 30 years and have always felt at home and our culture is always embraced by the people. The Cypriots were one of the first ethnic minorities to come to England and especially Brighton. The Cypriots have integrated into the community and have always been welcomed by the people of Brighton. More importantly the fact the boys got voted straight through to the final on votes alone proves Britain loves foreign cultures.

The British voted in their thousands for the boys because they loved the family and fun values they stood for, because most British people love their family and to enjoy themselves wherever possible. Intolerance to ethnic minorities is not a dance the British like. With a ton of sun a day, hair gel and dodgy waiters would Great Britain be that different to Cyprus. Oppa ”

You can contact Andrew Sparsis on 01903 216838