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in in-house training.

Our staff in training at Food restaurant.
Our staff in training at Food restaurant.

At Proto Restaurant Group we train our staff to the highest standard.  We have recently trained our staff successfully in allergen awareness training, as well as gluten free training.

We are one of the first restaurants in Sussex to provide this training for our staff and we are very proud of this.  Gluten free products is a booming market and is currently 44 million strong so at Proto Restaurant Group we feel this is very important to train our staff to be able to cater for all our customers with any allergies and intolerances they may have.

In order to understand the dynamic growth trends taking place in the gluten free market, we feel it is very important to understand gluten and its relationship to celiac disease, wheat allergy, gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivty.  You know you will be eating in safe hands at Proto Restaurant Group with our fully qualified staff.  We have also teamed up with The Coeliac Society whom are a charity set up in the Worthing area.

At Food restaurant we cook everything fresh to order so if you have any allergies/intolerances do not worry.  When you dine with us please let your waiter/waitress know and they will happily go through the menu with you to help you decide what to choose.

At The Fish Factory our gluten free menu has been a complete success with 20 main dishes and 5 famous dessert dishes, including our fantastic New York based cheesecake.

You may or may not already know that we also stock in all our restaurants gluten free beer and this is specially produced by Estrella Damm, a well known Spanish brewer.

If you have not tried our gluten free menu pop into The Fish Factory to try…and you can also try our gluten free beer.  You do not have to be a coeliac to enjoy it trust me…!

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