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Proto Restaurant Group – Media First!

Proto Restaurant Group is the first restaurant group along the Sussex Coast to use Periscope to interact with it’s wonderful customer base.

periscope pic

What is Periscope?
Periscope is Twitter’s new live-streaming video app, not to be confused with the recently launched Meerkat, also a live-streaming app. It allows you to watch and broadcast live video from all across the globe, meaning you could switch from watching a peaceful wander across the beaches of Cornwall to a protest in Egypt.

One of the key differences between the two is that Periscope saves the video streams once you are finished, so that anyone can view them for up to 24 hours; Meerkat’s live video disappears once you choose to end the broadcast.

Both Meerkat and Periscope are pre-dated by other attempts at live-streaming apps, all of which fell by the wayside. But now, with more open Wi-Fi networks and faster 4G mobile networks than ever before, live streaming looks set to become as regular a part of our lives as Googling and Snapchatting.

How does it work?
Periscope’s live feeds can be shot from iPhones and iPads and watched through smartphones, desktops or laptops either through the app or on Twitter’s site.  You can watch back recent broadcasts or browse live streams by pressing the TV icon on the bottom left of the screen.

How can I download it?
In order to shoot video via the app, you need a Twitter account. Once you’ve downloaded Periscope from the App Store , you’re given the option to subscribe to the Periscope broadcasts of those you follow on Twitter. You’ll be notified every time one of them starts streaming, and once you’re watching a broadcast you can type out a message to the owner and fellow watchers, or send a ‘heart’ to indicate your approval.

So…now that you know how it works you can check us out on our twitter feed @Loveproto.

We will be doing some questions and answers with our chefs and our Managing Director so keep an eye out on our twitter feed over the next coming weeks.  We will be posting our live broadcasts via Periscope with some great cooking videos too.  Do you have a favourite dish at one of our restaurants and you would like to know how it is made?

If you have any good ideas for any of our live broadcasts that you would like to see us doing let us know by getting in touch with us by twitter @Loveproto or you can email us at

We will also be posting live broadcasts of what we are up to at the Worthing Food Festival on 4 and 5 July and also mornings spent with our local beach fisherman on the beach of Worthing.

Any other ideas welcome…