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Proto Restaurant Group provides favourite places to eat

It has long been regarded in the local area that Proto Restaurant Group‘s restaurants are the top places to eat in Worthing and Littlehampton, but now they have reached the next level!

There was an article in the Evening Standard on 12th October, which talks about Worthing’s growth as a town and how it is stepping out of the shadow of it’s big brother, Brighton. The article goes on to explain exactly why Worthing is such a catch, with fantastic architecture, brilliant schools, great pubs and superb restaurants. Proto Restaurant Group’s two Worthing based restaurants – Food and The Fish Factory – are mentioned as the rated places to eat in town by locals.

Proto Restaurant Group, Food and The Fish Factory are all extremely proud to be doing their bit towards putting Worthing on a map. Proto always likes to get involved with the local community with fundraisers and charity events as we feel that Worthing deserves to be regarded as highly as Brighton as it is such a fantastic town.

Not only are Proto pleased to be mentioned in the article, but they are proud to have restaurants situated in a town on the up! To book a table at any of our restaurants, call us on 01903 227780 (Food), 01903 207123 (The Fish Factory, Worthing) or 01903 715000 (The Fish Factory, Littlehampton).

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