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Proudly supporting and helping to save our local fisherman…


Proto Restaurant Group has always been enthusiastic about our local fishing industry, ever since the 16th-century fishing has played a massive part in Worthing’s economy.  Sadly today though our local fishing industry is dying out…unless we act now!

Our very own Andrew Sparsis, founder of Proto Group decided to be a saviour of the local fishing industry in Worthing.  Last year a party of over 30 local councillors, fishermen and industry experts embarked on a trip to the seaside town of Hastings, where Andrew Sparsis took a leading role in organising to raise awareness of the current fishing crisis affecting our town.


On arrival, we were greeted by members of Hastings Borough Council who gave us an inspiring guided tour around their local fishing territory.  After soaking up the sea and atmosphere we tucked into some fabulous fish and chips from a local fish bar seconds away from the beach.  We then left for home where we all engaged in a quick question and answer quiz and we all got top marks!  As a result of our saviour’s fishing trip to Hastings, many local councillors have been inspired to act to save our local fishing industry so the day was a great success.


You too can help save our local fishing industry if you are as passionate as we are…  Get in touch at