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Costa Olive Oil


This is a 70cl bottle of liquid gold.

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Aphrodite planted the first olive tree in the world in Cyprus. Aphrodite being the goddess of love may explain the Cypriot’s love obsession with quality olive oil.

The Sparsis family have farmed olive oil in Anglisides for generations. Eldest son Sparsis, born 1942-2010 was keen to continue this heritage.

When he retired back to his small village he started to cultivate his farm with ancient farming techniques. Sparsis went much further than organic farming; he also put into use, hundreds of years ancestral knowledge, such as strategically planting almond trees amongst the olive grove to sweeten the olive trees. The land itself has been farmed since neolithic times and many artefacts have been found scattered around the land.

Sparsis always liked to say his ancestors were the first ever olive farmers – we will never know that, but we do know that when you taste this premier cru of first pressed oil you will soon realise that there is something historical and fantastic about it.

The Sparsis family wish you to enjoy this oil with your family and friends.

The family would like to share a traditional olive celebration with you.

‘After a whole year of nurturing the olive trees and the land, weeks of careful picking and then milling the oil, the first bottle would be taken back to the old village house where the whole family would be waiting. Freshly baked organic bread slices, covered or submerged in olive oil, lemon juice and a pinch of salt are handed out.
The first taste would be the head of the family, if the oil is good a celebration would last the whole day. You may ask: “What if the oil is not good?”. Well this has never happened!

The Sparsis family believe the secret of the successful olive oil comes not only from the land, but from the centuries of people whom have devoted their lives to the nurturing and devotion to what they believe, and still believe in today. Olive oil is like a family, it will only succeed if it has love, devotion, respect and above all, patience.

Aphrodite left these trees to teach us how to love and treat one another. Next time you share Sparsis Olive Oil, remember its 99% love and 1% oil. So why not tell those you share it with how much you love them – just one more time.

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