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Stamp your way to a free pitta, at The Fat Greek Taverna.


At Proto Restaurant Group we love to reward our customers so as a result we decided to form the YIAYIA’S PITTA CLUB loyalty card at The Fat Greek Taverna. If you get enthusiastic about pittas take your enthusiasm to the next level with our new loyalty card. Collect 4 stamps and get your 5th Pitta FREE.

Our passion for authentic Greek cooking has never left us.  We use our speciality charcoal rotisserie pits to cook skewers over hot coals to give the perfect char-grilled and traditional flavour. Every stone baked pitta is filled with Cyprus salad, your choice of souvlaki filling and served with a choice of fries, fat superwheats or fat beans.

Grab a pitta at The Fat Greek Taverna and begin collecting your stamps today.  We are open 7 days a week 11.30 am until late.  Our coals and woods are lit all day every day…

                                                   So…get stamping now!