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New Summer Lovin’ Menu launched at The Fat Greek Taverna…


Exciting News! Proto Restaurant Group is pleased to announce a new Summer Lovin’ Menu at The Fat Greek Taverna.  No summer is complete without a BBQ so we decided to create a menu of fantastic burgers and cocktails for you this summer.

The Fat Greek Taverna Oven - Taste the Flames

Our BBQ burgers are cooked to perfection with our unique wood and charcoal ovens from The Fat Greek Taverna.  Our Summer Lovin’ Menu includes, Green Machine, Apple Cider Turkey, House Beef Burger and Hen Burger. We have also have created our own hot dog, The Cypriot Wild Dog. To accompany your meal our bar staff have created an exciting selection of new cocktails for you to enjoy.  To name a few Aphrodite’s Child, The Apollo and The Trojan Horse.


As you can see it’s not only the Conservative Party Cabinet that has had a reshuffle.  We at Proto Restaurant Group like to rearrange things from time to time so pop in and let us know what you think!

To explore our NEW menu Summer Lovin’ in more detail please click HERE.