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Worthing Bowls Centre supports The Fish Factory

This week, we want to tell you all about Worthing Bowls Centre because for the past nine years, they have supported The Fish Factory in Worthing and this is our way of saying a HUGE Thank You!

Worthing Bowls Centre are key suppliers of equipment and clothing for the fast growing sport, lawn bowls.

So where did lawn bowls originate?

Many historians believe the game of bowls developed from the Egyptians who used to play skittles with round stones; others maintain it originated from a similar game played by Roman soldiers.

Whatever its origin, lawn bowls has spread across the world and versions of the game are played in places like Italy (Bocce), Denmark (Bolle), France (Boules) and even Polynesia (Ula Maika). The growth of the British Empire ensured its spread to places like Australia and New Zealand. The oldest bowls green still played on is in Southampton, England, where records date back to 1299 A.D.

Bowls is high on the list of most played and most watched sport in many countries. Far from being a sport for O.A.P.s, bowling is enjoyed by thousands of young people throughout the country.

The English Bowling Association (Bowls England) was founded in 1903 and organises numerous competitions from club to national level while World Bowls, based in Scotland, aims to provide leadership and governance of the sport and encourage its growth internationally. The English Indoor Bowling Association (EIBA) is responsible for the indoor side of the game.

What does Worthing Bowls Centre sell?

Worthing Bowls Centre sells everything and anything you would ever need to take up this fast growing sport. Anything you buy on their website comes with free delivery within the UK.

  • Bowls
  • Short Mat & Carpet Bowls
  • Bags
  • Club Equipment
  • Ladies Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Special Offers

Where is Worthing Bowls Centre?

Worthing Bowls Centre is close to The Fish Factory in Worthing. The address is: 33 Brighton Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN11 3EF. You can speak to Telephone: 01903 201345

The staff at Worthing Bowls Centre are always happy to help. Why not give them a call on 01903 201345, send an email or complete the form below.

Worthing Bowls Centre opening hours are:
10am to 4pm Monday to Friday
10am to 1pm Saturdays
Closed Sundays