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Food restaurant receives facelift!

Proto Restaurant Group are pleased to announce the completion of the facelift work that has been going on at Food restaurant in Worthing, West Sussex. Work has been under way for the last few weeks to give Food a fresh look, but don’t worry, we haven’t changed too much of our much loved restaurant.

Andy Sparsis, owner of Proto Restaurant Group had the following to say about the changes:

“Food has kept the same good looking body, same lovely hands and same long legs, but we have had a snazzy new haircut so come in and check us out for yourself! Food is sexier than ever!”

Food Restaurant has had a lovely new inner-refit - come in and see for yourself!
Food Restaurant has had a lovely new inner-refit - come in and see for yourself!

Not only have we changed the physical appearance of the restaurant but we have been making some special changes to the menu making it bigger and better than before! The new menu now includes some more unique and exciting dishes and we have some real treats for you!

Our Starters have been boosted by the addition of our “Berliners Breakfast” – Knockwurst Sausage in a Black Pudding sandwich – and our “Samphire Scallops” – Scallops with garlic samphire sea vegetables. Check out our starters menu for more details along with the full lineup!

Our Main Menu just keeps getting better as well with our “Lobster Polenta Soufflé”, “Louisiana Street Food” and “The Admiral’s Luncheon”. Trust us when we say that descriptions do not do these dishes justice, you have to come in and try them for yourself!

Anyone for Dessert? Try our brand new “Hellenic Desire” for just £7.00 – authentic finger delicacies from the Mediterranean Greek islands, Baklava, gadaifi, gadalabourikou, leguo.

So now that you’ve heard all about the new changes, surely it’s time to come and check them out! Call Food on 01903 227780 to book a table now.