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Matron Sparsis is a right carry on!

How could we not mention Worthing International Birdman 2009? What a weekend! Thank you to everyone who sponsored our Carry on Doctor Team – we raised almost £500 for Chestnut Tree House. You can see our sponsor page and more details if you click here. We would like to remind you that the only reason
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New Lobster Platter

Look at this beautiful new lobster platter which is a new addition to The Fish Factory menu at only £15.50. How can you resist? Here are some fun facts about lobsters: Have you ever heard of a lobster march? Hundreds, or sometimes thousands of spiny lobsters form into columns and migrate en masse. This scenario
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English Bowling Championships in Worthing – It must be Summer!

You know that summer is here when the EMA Bowling Championships come to Worthing. The Men’s National Championships have been taking place underneath our noses since Saturday 8th August and run until Saturday 22nd August. In the middle of all this action is the National Mixed Fours Finals which takes place on 15th and 16th
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Seventh Heaven – Splash FM Party in the Park

If you didn’t know this, The Fish Factory has sponsored Splash FM’s Party in the Park for the 7th year in a row now! So while you were wigglin’ what your mama gave you down in Steyne Gardens, Worthing – The Fish Factory were busy barbequing gorgeous fish dishes (as well as yummy hotdogs and
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Blood Brothers at Food

If you have been to Food recently, you have probably listened the dulcet tones of Brothers in Jazz. Brothers in Jazz are literally brothers. Andrew Sparsis found Simon and Ollie Tappin busking in Montague street one day and asked them if they would like to play in Food. Simon is 21 and plays the piano,
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